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As a Bay Area native, I have found a home in Sunnyvale, the Heart of Silicon Valley, and I want to do my part to make sure Sunnyvale residents have the highest quality of life possible. I have the experience necessary to best serve the community as I have served the City of Sunnyvale in various capacities.

As an appointed Library Board Trustee, I have passionately advocated for the development of the Lakewood Branch Library and Learning Center. I have also volunteered at local book sales at the quarterly Friends of the Sunnyvale Library book sales.

As a Senior Congressional Aide to Congressman Ro Khanna, I worked diligently with Sunnyvale city staff and Sunnyvale-based businesses and non-profits to address the proposed budget cuts by President Trump.  I gathered the input of the possible consequences on Sunnyvale’s quality of life from the proposed budget cuts to funding sources like Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), section 8 housing vouchers, energy subsidies and more. I also served as the Congressman’s representative on the Santa Clara County Federal Affairs Advocacy Task Force, where I provided feedback to the County Supervisors to make informed decisions on vital county services as well.

As a Congressional Aide to Congressman Mike Honda, I served as his point staffer for transportation policy and worked with the community to address the issue of airplane noise as well as bringing BART to Santa Clara. I also served as the Congressman’s commerce staffer, where I worked with local businesses and the Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce to address the needs of investment in education and workforce development programs, funding for micro-business loans, and legislative action on issues like patent reform.

As a current Housing & Transportation Policy Specialist to Councilman Chappie Jones in San Jose, I have had first hand experience in all of the operations a Councilman deals with. I am ready to serve the City of Sunnyvale as a Councilmember, and I ask for your vote to help me help our community.

Water Mason

Current Occupation:
Housing & Transportation Policy Specialist – Office of Councilman Chappie Jones, City of San Jose

Current Appointment:
Sunnyvale Library Board of Trustees

Previous Occupations:
Senior Congressional Aide, Congressman Ro Khanna
Congressional Aide, Congressman Mike Honda
Public Policy Aide, San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce

B.A. in Urban Studies & Planning, Minor in Political Science, UC San Diego




  • Continuing the successes of the Climate Action Plan (CAP) in our City’s CAP 2.0 plan
  • Electrifying our grid both in sustainable development as well as home conversions working with Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE)
  • Reducing Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) to both work and home with the promotion of urban villages and mixed use development


  • Senior Congressional Aide on Energy for Congressman Ro Khanna, working with organizations like Silicon Valley Clean Energy and PG&E to promote a sustainable future while also advocating against budget cuts to the EPA.
  • Transportation Policy Specialist for San Jose Councilman Chappie Jones working with the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) to promote policies such as Complete Streets and Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) CEQA Analysis reform.
  • Intern at the San Francisco County City Administrator’s Office working on contracts and LEED certified projects
  • Proud supporter of Measure AA in 2016


  • CA State Senator Jerry Hill
  • Former CA State Assemblyman Rich Gordon



  • More effective outreach on and incentives (lowering costs) to build Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) aka granny flats
  • Incentivizing different types of development such as Single Room Occupancies (SROs) and micro units to provide density in our housing stock
  • Developing Urban Villages through Sunnyvale’s Horizon 2035 plan and El Camino Real Specific Land Use Plan that provide work, lifestyle and housing all in one village center
  • Maintaining and Expanding Sunnyvale’s Cold Weather Shelter alongside adequate transitional services for Sunnyvale’s homeless population


Edwina Benner Plaza GroundBreaking
Edwina Benner Plaza Groundbreaking Ceremony
  • Senior Congressional Aide on Housing for Congressman Ro Khanna, working with organizations like the Housing Authority of Santa Clara County (HASCC), Silicon Valley at Home, the Housing Trust of Silicon Valley, and Sunnyvale Community Services to advocate for the preservation and increase of federal CDBG & HOME grant funds for Sunnyvale to build and maintain affordable housing and also serve homeless populations
  • Congressional Aide for Congressman Mike Honda helping to stop foreclosures of homes and expedite processing of Section 8 vouchers with federal casework assistance
  • Housing Policy Specialist for San Jose Councilman Chappie Jones promoting Urban Villages with mixed use development
  • Public Policy Assistant at the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce working on infrastructure finance districts (IFDs) and micro units


  • CA State Senator Bob Wieckowksi



  • Enabling alternative methods of traveling (walking, biking, electric assist programs, and public transportation)
  • Connecting North to South Sunnyvale through a City Wide Shuttle program
  • Advocating for more regional resources and investment from the VTA for light rail and core connectivity funds
  • Switching our outdated CEQA Traffic Analysis standard from Level of Service to Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) to analyze traffic impacts of development in a smarter way
  • Incentivize Developers to contribute to traffic mitigation fees and partner with the City to provide housing and transportation opportunities near office space
  • Maximizing efficiency on El Camino through Mixed Use Development in our Nodes to allow people to walk to work, retail and transit services.
  • Reducing Air Traffic Noise from the San Jose Airport


  • Congressional Aide on Transportation for Congressman Mike Honda working with the regional entities such as BART, Caltrains, VTA, and the FAA.
    • Programmed a tour and roundtable for former Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx to vest the Federal government in funding and supporting vital projects like BART Phases I and II, Caltrain Electrification, and ride sharing.
  • Transportation Policy Specialist for San Jose Councilman Chappie Jones promoting Urban Villages with mixed use development, Complete Streets Bus Rapid Transit along Stevens Creek Blvd, optimization of traffic impact standards


  • Former Congressman Mike Honda
  • Former Santa Clara County Supervisor and Sunnyvale Mayor Dianne McKenna
  • VTA Board Director Chappie Jones



  • Working with a steady hand on the CityLine Project to revitalize downtown in extending Murphy Avenue with housing and retail, building an AMC and Whole Foods, as well as providing a sense of place
  • Creating a City Shuttle service that increases access to the downtown
  • Tying downtown to vital city services through the Civic Center Modernization Plan


  • Urban Planning degree from UC San Diego


  • Councilman and former Vice Mayor Gustav Larsson
  • Former Mayor Melinda Hamilton
  • Former Mayor Pat Castillo



  • Ensuring that our Public Safety Officers are well equipped and trained
  • Prioritization of the Civic Center Modernization Plan to increase the Department of Public Safety’s facilities
  • Revitalizing our fire stations
  • Working to empower our Neighborhood Associations through City Grants and education on vital city services
  • Increasing language access services to communicate public safety concerns in different languages for our growing minority community demographic


  • Supporting local neighborhood associations through facilitation of public safety relationships between neighborhoods and law enforcement with workshops that educate neighborhoods how to establish neighborhood watch programs,  use NextDoor to the fullest capacity, pull crime statistical analysis data and more


  • Former Sunnyvale Mayor Tony Spitaleri




Federal Leaders

Mike Honda – Former US Congressman, CA-17

State Leaders

Fiona Ma – CA State Board of Equalization, District 2 & Candidate for CA State Treasurer

Jerry Hill – CA State Senator, District 13

Bob Wieckowski – CA State Senator, District 10

Ricardo Lara – CA State Senator, District 33

Evan Low – CA State Assembly, District 28

Kansen Chu – CA State Assemblyman, District 25

Rich Gordon – CA State Assemblyman, District 24 (ret.)

Jim Cunneen – CA State Assemblyman, District 24 (ret.)

County Leaders

Laurie Smith – County Sheriff, Santa Clara County

David Canepa – County Supervisor, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors

Dianne McKenna – County Supervisor, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors & Former Mayor for the City of Sunnyvale (ret.)

Ron Gonzales – County Supervisor, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors &
Former Mayor for the City of Sunnyvale (ret.)

City Leaders

Gustav Larsson – Councilman, City of Sunnyvale

Melinda Hamilton – Former Mayor, City of Sunnyvale

Pat Castillo – Former Mayor, City of Sunnyvale

Tony Spitaleri – Former Mayor, City of Sunnyvale

Darcy Paul – Mayor, City of Cupertino

Margaret Abe-Koga – Councilwoman,  City of Mountain View

Corey Wolbach – Councilman, City of Palo Alto

Greg Tanaka – Councilman, City of Palo Alto

Rishi Kumar – Councilman, City of Saratoga

Chappie Jones – Councilman, City of San Jose

Rich Tran – Mayor, City of Milpitas

Marsha Grilli – Vice Mayor, City of Milpitas

David Bonacorrsi – Councilman, City of Fremont

Raj Salwan – Councilman, City of Fremont

Rick Jones – Councilman, City of Fremont

Education Leaders

Reid Myers – Board President, Sunnyvale School District

Hung Wei – Board Trustee, Fremont Union High School District

Gilbert Wong – Board Trustee, Foothill-De Anza Community College District

Mayra Cruz – Board President, Evergreen Community College District

Kalen Gallagher – Board President, Campbell Union High School District

Omar Torres – Board Vice President, Franklin-McKinley School District

Community Leaders

Carey Lai – Chair, Sunnyvale Library Board of Trustees

Daniel Bremond – Vice-Chair, Sunnyvale Library Board of Trustees

Mark Isaak – Trustee, Sunnyvale Library Board of Trustees & Vice President of the Friends of the SunnyvaleLibrary


California Young Democrats, API Caucus (CYDAPI)

Penisula Young Democrats (PYD)

Silicon Valley Asian Pacific American Democratic Club (SVAPADC)

Silicon Valley Young Democrats (SVYD)


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