Sing Tao Daily: Mason Fong Runs for Sunnyvale City Council

July 25, 2018.

Mason Fong, an Asian American Council Aide to San Jose City Councilman Chappie Jones, is running for Sunnyvale City Council, Seat 3 in this upcoming November elections. With many years of government experience, he plans to help the city improve in key issues, such as transportation, affordable housing, and public safety.

Fong is currently the House and Transportation Policy Specialist in the office of San Jose City Councilman Chappie Jones. He was a Senior Congressional Aide to current Congressman Ro Khanna, where he worked closely with Sunnyvale workers to help non-profit organizations and small businesses in the community continue to thrive. Fong also served as a Congressional Aide to former Congressman Mike Honda, where he helped reduce air traffic noise and extended the MRT station to Santa Clara. 

Fong believes that his extensive experience in government work, tight network within the community, and passion for public service will allow him to address, tackle, and provide effective solutions to key issues of the city. He stated that Sunnyvale is currently facing severe traffic congestion and a housing crisis, so he wants to create more mixed-use development. This can provide more affordable housing with public transportation, allowing people to live closer to work, and alleviate traffic congestions and air pollution.

Fong pointed out that according to the 2010 census, the Asian American population in Sunnyvale reached 43%; however, there is currently not one Asian American representation on the City Council. He also said that as the second largest city in Santa Clara County, Sunnyvale does not have many cultural celebrations for the Asian American Pacific Islander Community. He hopes to set up a cultural affairs committee to plan more cultural activities, such as the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival, to provide more multicultural awareness and celebrate the community’s diversity.

Fong is a third-generation Asian-American. His grandparents immigrated to the United States from mainland China. His parents have been involved in government work for many years and are active advocates for their community. His mother, Jenny Lew, was the first city planner for affordable housing at Chinatown Community Development Center in San Francisco. In the 1970s, she served as an Urban Land Analyst for Governor Jerry Brown. His father, Cary Fong, served as one of the first Asian American staffers to Gordon Lau, the first Chinese American elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Fong is the youngest of three, with two brothers – Jordan Fong and Spencer Fong. 

Fong is endorsed by a number of elected officials, including former Congressman Mike Honda, California State Board of Equalization Fiona Ma, Assemblyman Kansen Chu, Senator Jerry Hill, and Senator Bob Wieckowski. 

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